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Rockshox Revelation fault

DigitalStormDigitalStorm Posts: 59
edited February 2015 in MTB general
Brand new Revelation fork was purchased on 15th February for my new build.
Fitted to bike and then pumped up to 90psi, went shopping for a few hours and when I returned home went back to building rest of bike.
Found forks sitting low in travel so I checked the pressure, it was at 40psi.
I pumped it back to 90psi, finished off build and took bike for a quick 3mile spin, when I got back fork pressure was 60psi and oil weeping out of right leg wiper seal area.
Now looking at website I got them from I need to send them back to them and then they send them off for warranty repair.
So my question is because they are brand new can I request a new set or refund or am I stuck waiting for them to sort it out?

Yes I have checked valve core etc for leaks and the steerer is cut to size.
Transition Trans AM 27.5
Niner ROS9


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    They might repair them. If they do it shouldnt take long, theres nothing complicated about revelations.
    When you put air in them did you pump them through their stroke a few times and then check the pressure again as Ibelieve it says you should in the manual?
  • Yes I did compress them a few times and then went for a ride to see if it would bed in but it lost 30psi( well maybe 25psi as i lose 5 psi when i reconnect the pump) in 3 miles/ 10,15 minutes of just mucking around through the park.
    Put them back to 90psi before I put the bike away and will check tomorrow morning to see if they have lost any air.
    Transition Trans AM 27.5
    Niner ROS9
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