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New Bora Clincher or Wheelsmith Aero 50?

DizeeeDizeee Posts: 337
edited February 2015 in Road general
I have finally narrowed down my wheelset choices to these two and am torn between which to go for.

The new Bora's are italian so match my bike, are supposed to be amazing, but are on pre order with very little information. Retailers cannot confirm whether they come with pads, skewers or tape plus cannot guarantee delivery dates.

The Wheelsmiths seem an excellent wheel, cheaper, unrivalled service and history and all seems to make a lot of sense. The only downside is that they are not Italian but that doesn't really matter I guess. They weigh the same, have equivalent aero value and I know I cna get hold of them pretty quick.

Help me decide as I have to buy soon before Spring!
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