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26" ROAD TYRE (25-559)

chickenlegschickenlegs Posts: 246
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Currently running Continental Grand Prix (folders) - 25-559 on my wife's bike, these are no longer made by Continental.
Local Bike Shop supplied Continental Grand Prix 28-559 (wire bead). These do not fit being too large a diameter to clear mudguard.
Have now been told that Continental Gatorskin 28-559 (wire bead) will fit ?????

Has anyone any suggestions re other tyre brands that would be suitable?
Preference is for folders and fairly lightweight if possible.


  • The problem is that 559 is a MTB size, hence there are very few road tyres and even fewer 23 mm road tyres (are there any?). The small wheel standard for road is 571 or 650c, there you will find more options, but it won't work with your existing wheel or fork.
    I am not quite sure why you have a 559 wheel/fork on a road bike to be honest
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,731
    Would be interested to know what bike this is for. Islabikes use a 23x559 tyre (Kenda, I think) on some of their bikes, but probably won't sell them seperately.

    If a 28-559 Grand Prix won't fit, then I can't see how a Gatorskin of the same size would fit any better.
  • Hi All.Thanks for your replies.
    The bike is a Cannondale R2000si womans specific frame built up from various bits and pieces I had laying about.
    The reason it is on 26" 559 is that I had several pairs of very good quality 26" wheels available and when I did the original build up I found to my surprise that they fitted perfectly, thus saving on purchasing new sets of 650 wheels.
    The bike has run with no problems for the last 10 years with Continental Grand Prix 25 -559 folders it is only now that Continental have ceased production of this tyre that we have a problem.
    I have now borrowed and fitted successfully a Continental Ultra Gatorskin (26 x 1 1/8) 28 - 559 wire bead. Yes I know it sounds illogical especially as the Continental Grand Prix of the same size does not fit !!!
    It would appear that despite the same nominal size markings there is a variation in size, especially overall diameter.
    Brings me back to my original question does any other manufacturer - Schwalby etc make lightweight 23/25 - 559 tyres??
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,426
    Schwalbe do Durano folding and rigid in 28-559. See Wiggle or SJS Cycles whose Thorn bikes and tandems use 559 road tyres. Schwalbe Ones are made in 23-559 but can't see any for sale in UK.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,731
    Brings me back to my original question does any other manufacturer - Schwalby etc make lightweight 23/25 - 559 tyres??

    The short answer is no. Some make 28 as mentioned, but the only mfgr I know of that makes a 23 (not even a 25) in that size is Kenda, and I think that is for OEM only, not for retail.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    Do you have any vertical adjustment left on your mudguards mounting brackets/stays?
  • chickenlegschickenlegs Posts: 246
    Very many thanks everyone for your replies - will probably try and source some Schwalbes
  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706,en.php

    Iv'e bought from xxcycles before no problems.
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