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Izalco Team and Cayo - what's the difference?

AilsabobAilsabob Posts: 23
edited February 2015 in Road buying advice
On paper at least these are 2 pretty different styles of bike.
Sizing wise I am somewhere between a 56 and 58. Competitive Cyclist Eddy Fit (see attached) puts me on a 58. On this basis I am trying to decide between an outgoing Izalco Team in 58 and a new Cayo in 57.
The marketing blurb would have you believe that these are 2 different styles of machine - flat out race bike versus Sportive. Albeit a Sportive that is on the racy side of Sportive.
Look at the geometries though for the sizes I require, and they are virtually identical.
Izalco Measurement first, Cayo Measurement in brackets () :
ST 58cm (57cm) Obviously!
ETT 57cm (56.8cm)
HT 16.6cm (16.5cm)
Stack 57.2cm (56.9cm)
Reach 40.1cm (40cm)
ST and HT Angles identical on both bikes.

So I guess my question is a simple one - precisely what is the chuffing difference between these bikes in terms of geometry/position on the bike. Because too my untrained eye, albeit one that has spent quite some time poring over this, they look virtually identical.

I've attached my stats from Competitive Cyclist, which are on the basis of an Eddy Fit.

Please help because the more I look, the less I understand. I'd appreciate some comments please.
Thank you kindly.


  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    The Izalco is supposedly stiffer, however the Cayo is actually lighter and more comfortable
    The Cayo is UCI approved and a lovely ride

  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    I've got no experience of the 2015 Cayo, but as above, the older Cayo Evo and Izalco ride very similar, with the Cayo riding more smoother and the Izalco feeling a bit more 'direct'.

    Focus' real sportive bike is the Izalco Ergoride.
  • Thanks, both. You've both mentioned comfort. Are you referring to ride comfort? i.e. a bike that will be a little more accommodating of my dreadful Mancunian roads?
  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    Yes, the older Cayo Evo rides really smooth. No idea what the new one is like, but looking at one at my LBS the other day, they've really beefed-up the size of the tubes, especially around the headtube junction which didn't feel exactly like a noodle in the first place.
  • bontiebontie Posts: 177
    Have not checked details, but I would imagine the izalco may have a shorter wheelbase?
    Perhaps chainstay length, different front center?
  • Izalco wheelbase shorter by 2mm.
    Yes, tubes really bulked up on new Cayo. that generally equate to more smooth ride then?
  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    Ailsabob wrote:
    Izalco wheelbase shorter by 2mm.
    Yes, tubes really bulked up on new Cayo. that generally equate to more smooth ride then?

    All other things being equal, it would mean exactly the opposite. But I would imagine that the lay-up has been changed and wall thickness thinned-out. The new Cayo frame is actually lighter than the old one.
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