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Which BB30 bearing kit?

yakkyakk Posts: 589
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Hi there, I have a 2008 Cannondale Synapse which, when I bought it as a f/f, had BB inserts fitted to run a normal BB system. I'm about to get hold of the original Cannondale-badged (I think made by FSA chainset, and wonder what I need to covert back to BB30.
Even though badged as Sram, would this be all I needed to do the conversion?: ... 5000000000
Advice greatly received.


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    You'll need the bearings (expensive ceramic version no need) , circlips, bearing covers, wavy washer and a few plastic spacers which might/not be needed.
    Can you get the conversion fully removed? This is vital!
    If so, then you will see the shell which should be pristine and 2 guide slots for the circlips.
    Ebay is probably a better source for the bearings etc. ... 2a4c9a7a36
  • yakkyakk Posts: 589
    Nice one, thanks to both of you.
  • Definitely make sure you can get the adapter out. If it's the FSA sleeve, it's a proper censored to remove. But apart from that, yes, any complete kit from SRAM or FSA will do the job well.

    That SI crank is a lovely thing. I've two BB30 Dales and I don't consider them finished with the different cranks I have on them. SI, SISL or SISL2 are simply the right thing to have.
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