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Watching LBL

rc856rc856 Posts: 1,144
Hi folks,

My club are heading over to do the LBL sportive in April.
We're staying in Liege and were wondering if anyone can point us in the direction of a good place to see the race on the Sunday?
Ideally, we'll see the start, get to a climb to watch then make it back to Liege for the finish if that's possible?
We'll be in a pub for the finish I imagine unless there's a place that has a big screen.

Anyone else riding the sportive?
The Scottish winter has seriously dented my mileage plan!!! :(



  • pbraunpbraun Posts: 17
    I'm heading over from NY with three friends. It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit this morning which has been typical this winter, so I have been outside only 4 times this year. And I usually ride through the winter! As a result, the full route is looking doubtful, but I'm still crossing my fingers -- it has to warm up sometime! Anyway, I don't have an answer to your question, but am interested to hear what others say. I certainly like the pub idea!
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    We did it last year then went immediately on the lash after 17 hours drinking beer all we could manage was a local cafe in town to watch it on TV oh and get back on the beers.

    We stayed no more than 1 mile from the start and saw none of the race live although just being there and doing the LBL the day before was amazing, lovely place, great food & drink really nice locals and a cracking sportive.

    My recommendation would be up to the start than back to a bar to watch the race on TV and if you're capable of walking perhaps ride out to one of the climbs near the finish.
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  • At the flamme rouge there is a bar next to it, sat there last year, occasionally went inside to catch updates on the t. Stood next to the barriers to watch the sprint wind-up for the finish, darted back in to catch the final couple of hundred metres on the tell only to see Capt Dan crash on the left hander. Great day, met some wonderful people, drank lots, the bar owners put a barbeque on too...same place this year.
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  • daveski12daveski12 Posts: 158
    Did the long sportive last year.

    Watched the race from the start and headed up to the finish to watch the race from there. There's a bar, shops and a massive tv screen to watch all the action.
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