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Confused about tyre/ rim compatibility

chockydavid1983chockydavid1983 Posts: 4
edited February 2015 in Road buying advice
Hi guys,

I think I've pretty much decided to get this bike: ... 06187.html

I'll get the raceblade mud guards and pannier

I am keen to get a puncture resistant tyre though as I'll be using it for commuting (happy top sacrifice speed for comfort).
Can I get these? ... B00JR9WNKU
I'm a bit confused about the sizing- does 700c x 25c mean they're 25mm wide?



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    25c does mean they are 25mm wide, but the tyres you link to are not 25, they are 35 - and there will not be enough clearance on the bike you linked to. 25 or 28 is probably about as wide as you could go.
  • Thanks Imposter, that's good to know.
    Sorry about that- the link does open with 700c x 35c but you can select 700c x 25c from the dropdown box.

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