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Garmin 810 won't pair with HRM's

thegreatdividethegreatdivide Posts: 5,138
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Replaced my old 800 with an 810 but it just will not find either my old Premium HRM or the new one with the fatter strap. It finds my speed and cadence sensors (new versions) and my Vector PM. I've tried a new battery and I've tried flipping the battery to reverse polarity then flip it back again and I've done two factory resets. No deal.

Any tips?


  • HertsGHertsG Posts: 129
    Ring Garmin.

    On my squeeze's bike, her Garmin would pair with her HRM but not cadence (despite trying three differeht cadence sensors).

    If your Edge is newish, Garmin should replace without argument
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    I doubt it's the Garmin device that's at fault if it is detecting the speed and cadence sensors. Are you sure the batteries in the HRMs are in order? I've had a speed sensor arrive with a flat battery only getting it to pair when I put a new battery in. Have you tried searching for the HRM from the menu rather than waiting for the device to detect it?
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  • Yeah tried two sets of new batteries and the reverse polarity trick but no luck. I've also done a reset and searched for just the HRM's and in a room far away from the other ANT sensors in order to avoid picking them up. No deal. It's very odd.
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Sounds like the only option left is to exchange the Garmin device then and go from there. Chances of two Garmin units failing to detect the HRM are remote, but we wait with baited breath.
    I ride a bike. Doesn't make me green or a tree hugger. I drive a car too.
  • kbmackkbmack Posts: 104

    Sorry to hear of your problems with the 810. I have just bought one too and endured the same initial problems with the HRM.

    After a to and fro with the retailer, I bought an 'ATC lithium CR2032' battery from Maplins at £4. Silly money, I know, but the device now gives consistent, reliable readings.

    I notified the retailer via email (they must've thought, 'stupid punter', etc) because it may be the case that a consignment of devices could be arriving with a worn out battery, given that these gadgets are probably sitting around for many months before they end up in our hands.

    Anyhow, good luck with the remedy. I have a Bryton Rider 50 and over a 4 year period the HRM has been good but not brilliant. I get the feeling that if anything's going to be a bit temperamental it's going to be the HRM.


  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    kbmack wrote:
    given that these gadgets are probably sitting around for many months before they end up in our hands.

    But when the batteries have a 5-10 year shelf-life, months is insignificant - especially as they should be supplied with a tag that you have to remove to activate them. As a case in point, the last two batches of CR2032 I bought have an "install by" date of January 2023 & December 2024...

    Of course - I only buy 'branded' CR2032 (in bulk they're cheap as chips) - OEMs may well be buying lower quality (read: "shorter shelf-life") examples to save a couple of pennies per battery.
  • theraggyonetheraggyone Posts: 147
    I had the same issue pairing the hrm monitor on my 810. I spent ages trying but it just wouldnt pair, I emailed garmin and they were quick to respond and sent me a new hrm within about 3 days all I had to do was provide proof of purchase :-) while I was waiting I decided to it try again, I wet the strap and mounted the hrm on my side with the unit under my armpit on the left side instead of the front it paired straight away , so I ended up with two hrm,s and ive had no issues since :-P
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