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Helmet light

mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
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I understand the Leyzne has a helmet attachement for a front/rear facing light.

However didn't really want a front facing one and wondered if anyone has suggestions for a rear mounted one?

I have a Kask mojito and because of my saddle bag, my rear light doesn't have maximum light showing form the rear. I have a knog blinder and although being bright enough it is currently angled slightly down so I can get more light showing.

However being more brighter in the morning and evenings now. I was just thinking for when I do cycle late at night what other solutions I could have.

I have some reflective stickers on my bike on the rear frame area.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You could possibly use a bottle type storage solution in your 2nd cage to free up the space under your saddle?
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    I could, but I have a clip on bag on the fizik saddle. It holds the usual suspects of tube, levers, tool and gloves. On the other bottle cage I have the pump already :)
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  • monkimarkmonkimark Posts: 1,358
    I got a cheapy led light from Tesco or somewhere and it has an elastic band attachment that can be looped through the helmet vents - cost 3 or 4 quid in a pack including a front one I think.
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    Is this LED type one? I have an old knog rear light, but the battery is on its last legs, but a recharge can give it 30 or so minutes life. But Im relutctant to use it as it kind of defeats the purpose of being seen especially if it can discharge it self so quickly.

    Other option was to get some 3m reflectives to add in between the vent areas to give some reflection.
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  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    I imagine you're not looking to buy a new helmet, but my Lazer Helium came with a rear light built into it. Came in handy on Sunday when it suddenly became very gloomy (and very very wet...)

    I think it's also available as an add-on for some other Lazer models.
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    Sadly not as this one is still very good and doing its job. Although the lazer is very nice looking :)

    I think for now I will spend some time cutting reflectives to fit on the back of the helmet and parts of the bike.

    Will see if I can get some cheapy led light for the back.
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,944 Lives Here
    Something like a Fibre Flare on the seat stay? I used to have some small Smart lights that could be attached to a seat stay.
    Helmet lights are all very well as a secondary light, but I don't think they are up to much as a main light.
  • I've got these although it was brought via their Facebook page as they were doing a two for one deal. ( they still might have that deal going ).

    It often gets called a fibre flare copy on the FB comments however Ive found it be to very light, waterproof and easy to use.


    Edit - I don't just rely on this, I've got other rear lights attached and have some reflective tape go on when my arms out of a sling!
  • I have a light cable tied to the back of my helmet. This one to be precise ... 00649NC24/
    I find having a helmet light is useful, it can certainly help drivers identify you as a cyclist before they're near you.
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    cheers for the links. Interesting. Makes you look like night rider from behind lol. Well as said I have a knog blinder 4 on its last legs so thought I would upgrade it with a road 4 and double up with a helmet light.
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  • I use one of these, which fits perfectly into one of the rear vents on my helmet (giro savant). ... oCF1Tw_wcB
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