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stir88stir88 Posts: 124
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Looking for some advice on a holiday to Scotland.
I am looking at going to Torridon at Easter this year and would like to know is this a good time to go weather wise, snow and ice being my main concerns. Also, i have tried to do some searching on google for trails and guides. I came across a site called and they have 7 routes listed. I am thinking of doing the 2 shorter routes, Coire MhicNobaill and Beinn Damh Circuit on different days. what i would like to know are these routes worth doing, are there better short routes(half day riding)are they easy to navigate if not are there any guides who do odd days guiding as when you search on google you come up with holiday companies riding all week.
Thanks for any help or advice.


  • It doesnt give much advice in honest, but there was an MBUK Big Ride feature on Torridon in the March edition.

    Havent been there myself, so cant offer anything else i am afraid.
  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    Thanks Nairnster for reply,
    I have that issue and read the article, like you said not much route information.
    Hopefully someone will come up with some more info or suggestions.
  • QubeQube Posts: 1,899
    With the amount of snow up there at the moment, don't be surprised to find some patches still hanging around.

    I was on Liathach about 2 years ago around Easter and was surprised by the amount of snow in gullies and shadows etc.

    Also, your biggest problem up there at that time of year will be the midgies....

    Do not underestimate them. I know it's fine while your barreling along on the bike, but when you stop for a rest, they will hunt you down, I can guarantee this!!

    Smidge, from Cotswold et al can alleviate them a bit.

    So be prepared, you are a long way from help in a very remote part of Scotland with some huge, cathedral like mountains around you.

    Most of all, enjoy it..., this really is my favourite part of the Country.
  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    Thanks Qube for reply,
    The snow and ice was my main concern.
    I didn't think the midges were about until May through Summer that was why i was thinking of going at Easter. I have got some Avon skin so soft which is supposed to be good at preventing bites but i haven't tried it yet.
    I realise its remote that's why i was looking for a guide for a couple of half days.
    Cheers for advice
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    Does look like an amazing part of Scotland, always wanted to go there since watching this. (I'd imagine it be a bit different from that video right enough!)
  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394

    Im currently living in France but i'm from Scotland and have done the Torridon loop. I have it on good authority the route published in magazines recently is not the one we all know and love. I suggest for hints and tips on Scotland you check out and use the forum, some insider info on that very route. Im home for a few weeks in May and plan on heading back to Torridon to do it again, if you get the right route its one of the best in the country. :D
  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    Thanks Schmako and Stoo61 for replies.
    The scenery is good in the video Schmako but not much help with trail info.
    Stoo61, i will check out the link.
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