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Jockey wheels starting to get spiky. Replace wheels or mech?

starbuckstarbuck Posts: 256
edited February 2015 in Workshop
I have a 105 rear mech. The jockey wheels are starting to get a bit spiky (only the odd one so far but I know that means they need replacing).

Question is - do I replace only the jockey wheels, or do I replace the rear mech?

If I do replace the jockey wheels, can anyone recommend some good ones to get?

If replacing the rear mech is the only way to go, would I see any difference between a 105 and ultegra rear mech?


  • Merlin do them for about £8. Five minute job and only needs an allen key. Plenty of videos on YouTube.
  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    Replace jockey wheels only...why spend more than you need to. Likewise Shimano jockey wheels are fine, no need to spend more on ceramic bearings and anodising etc....
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    Tacx wheels are far better than original and cheap.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 362
    Don't replace them because of the way they look, replace them when they are having an effect on gearing.
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