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Supersix Evo 105 5 2015 Vs Synapse Carbon 105 2015?

XcessivXcessiv Posts: 15
edited February 2015 in Road buying advice
Hey :D

I'm looking for a secondary bike (primary one being a Cervelo S3 2014 6800) for:
- commuting to work (with average road quality)
- trips (plane)
- races where the conditions aren't ideal for the Cervelo (heavy rain, dirt, etc)

With my racing team, I now have a sponsorship with Cannondale so the intuitive options are:
- SuperSix Evo 5 2015
- Synapse Carbon 2015

Since it's a secondary bike, and since the 105 5800 components are well rated, I would probably opt for this gruppo.

My dilemmas:
- The Synapse is a 160$ extra compared to the Evo
- I would sometimes race it, let's say 10% of the time
- My commuting to work also represents 75% of my training program, so I need a bike that won't cause too much adaptation issue when racing my Cervelo S3

- On the other hand, the roads here are pretty bad so I wouldn't want to suffer injuries from using a very stiff bike when commuting
- Also, am I right when saying that under heavy rain, the Synapse would be slightly more stable than the Evo due to road absorption?

I also put the CAAD10 in the options just in case, but please note that the sponsorship isn't as interesting, making it only 240$ cheaper than the Evo.


Best options? 10 votes

SuperSix Evo 105 5 2015
60% 6 votes
Synapse Carbon 105 2015
40% 4 votes
CAAD10 105 2015
0% 0 votes


  • You're going to able to emulate your position better with the SSE, which would matter for training and such.
  • Thanks for the info, I'm leaning towards the SS Evo.

    My sponsor offered a pretty good alternate option, what do you think?

    For an additional 350$, I would get:
    - Ultegra 6800 vs 105 5800
    - FSA SL-K Light Carbon vs FSA Gossamer Pro
    - Mavic Aksium S vs Shimano RS11
    - Carbon fiber seat post vs aluminium seat post
    - Handlebar/stem Cannondale C2 vs C3 (not sure about the difference)
    - Fi'zi:k Arione CX w/ mg rails vs Prologo Scratch Pro T2.0

    I would keep the bike 1 year, maybe 2... So the resale value has to be taken into account.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    I'm going wrong here... sponsorship.... second season racing the Caad10... mind you , old bloke racing dont count s'pose.
    A race cut Synapse might not be a bad choice for those races where roads might also be not so good and you'd want perhaps 25/27mm tubs on.
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