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Boardman or Ribble

Mort11Mort11 Posts: 5
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I'm getting back into cycling after a layoff of a few years and am looking for a bit of advice/opinions on which bike I should buy.

I'm trying to decide between the Boardman Road Team Carbon and a Ribble R872.



  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    If you are getting back into it then I'd suggest your best bet is seeing what your local bike shops have to offer, pick the one you like best and down the line you'll reap the rewards.

    However, if you have to have one of those then as long as you know your size, either of those bikes mentioned are good, pick the one you like the look of best.
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  • I'd lean toward the Ribble, just because you could spec it with a choice of tyres, saddle etc. unless the Boardman already meets your requirementd
  • Thanks :) I was speakingto a mate who has the Ribble earlier and I'm going to have a look at it at the weekend. I've already seen the Boardman and it's definitely suitable for my needs but like you say MisterMuncher I can spec the Ribble outmore to my wants (wallet) whereas the Boardman comes as seen in Halfords.

    I am leaning towards a Ribble though. Thanks again :)
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