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Calling any cyclist in South Manchester who....

Gazmania1Gazmania1 Posts: 87
edited February 2015 in Road general a parent so can't commit to a full club ride but wants to ride with others.

I'm just throwing this out to see if there's anyone in South Manchester that currently trains on their own because they can't spare the time needed for a full club run on a Sunday. I usually ride with a club but after starting a family I've found I have to head out earlier than the club runs start in order to get a decent ride in. I also can't really stop halfway found for coffee.

I'm happy to train on my own but do find that you push yourself harder with others around. So if anyone is in the same position and fancies heading out, why not post below?


  • GpfanukGpfanuk Posts: 142
    I'm in a very similar situation myself what with family and work commitments. That's the reason I found myself at the top of long hill on Sunday morning at about 8am!
    I live in the Woodsmoor area if that helps and would be free to ride most Sundays?
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  • hostmanhostman Posts: 104
    I live in Atherton if that's any good? I ride to work 2-3 times a week to Trafford Park area (weather dependant as I carry my clothes in a back bag) and then usually do a longer ride Saturday or Sunday or both if possible!

    We have a six year old, with our 2nd due end of July - So I know your pain :)
  • funkygfunkyg Posts: 68
    I'm a solo beginner cyclist in Altrincham. To be fair I haven't been out in a few months due to work and a back injury, just on the turbo in the garage for a quick spin a couple of times a week.
    Now the evenings are brightening up I'll probably get back out on the road. I tend to do a couple of hours after work 5-7 pm ish, I don't know if that is any good for you?
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  • riggsy81riggsy81 Posts: 281
    I hear your pain... I joined a club with the intentions to get loads of club rides in (this didn't happen)

    hoping to get more in this year though

    I'm from near Wilmslow
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  • I'm based in Chorlton. Prob looking to head out about 8am. Probably looking at finishing a ride with av speed of 18-20mph if flat, slightly less if hilly.....
  • funkygfunkyg Posts: 68
    Ah, I'd be slowing you down!
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