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Bike Insurance ?

Zak3737Zak3737 Posts: 368
edited February 2015 in Road general
AS a follow on to the thread I started about Locks, after a theft at our coffee stop yesterday, thought I'd better check that my bike was Insured.
However, it wasnt, but could be, for an extra £3/mth. Very reasonable me thinks, but, away from home, I notice it has to be secured by a D-Lock at all times. Clearly not possible as you'd all agree, on a long ride, who wants to carry that around.

I then checked out Cycleplan, - but again, for a bike of £1000+, it must be a Silver awarded Bike lock, when away from home, which includes some of the more heavy duty cable type locks, - again, far from ideal.

So - is there any policy that will cover bikes when they are perhaps only locked together with a very small wire/Combination type lock, ie something very easily carried, but also very easily breakable by any other than a pure opportunist Cafe stop thief ?

Help !


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    No, and for good reason.
  • Zak3737Zak3737 Posts: 368
    So, does everyone have their Bike Insured specifically just in case its stolen from the Shed/Garage/Store ?

    I doubt many carry an Insurance Approved Lock on rides for Coffee Stops ?
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