Will my planned new seatpost fit my Romin Evo?

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Hi, Just taken delivery of a Spesh Romin Evo with the carbon rails. I was totally unaware that the carbon rails meant it has special requirements for seat clamp compatibility....

Anyhoo, it seems to fit fine in the clamp of my Alloy FSA post.

I'm planning on upgrading my post to a Deda SuperZero and was just wondering, does anyone have this combo and is the clamp compatible with the Evo's carbon rails?




  • If you have the oversized oval carbon rails then Google, he say no
  • Have now found conflicting reports. You're better off waiting for someone that knows something!
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    I use that combo see my ad in classified for a Colnago Extreme Power its probably on page six by now. I remember reading in one place no and in another yes published by Deda, anyway the clamp is the right shape for the rails.