Looking for regular Cannock Chase ride buddy

Chizzy82 Posts: 15
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Hi, I'm looking for a regular cannock chase buddy.....anyone else out there in the same boat?

A bit more about me...

I'm 32 and up until my mid 20s was a keen biker, swimmer...then things went badly wrong and put on an inordinate amount of weight. In November I decided to get back on the happy path and starting mtb.....initially it killed me, literally remember rolling round with cramp on a fire trail and vomiting after the monkey..... But I've improved lots and am no longer embarrassed to ride with someone lol. I'm still rubbish on the climbs, but get up them all, just a bit slowly and currently doing the monkey and dog in around 2 hours 45 mins (2 hours rolling, 45 mins recovering, chatting etc).

Happy to ride with someone faster as long as their patient, and likewise happy to rise with a complete newbie. Currently ride most Sundays AM, but can be flexible on Sats and weekdays especially as the days lengthen.

Anyone game? Drop me an im :lol: