Rose Ground Control/ Granite Chief

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Hi, looking at pushing the button on one of these any time soon, wondered if anyone had any experience of the brand, particularly these models?

Read the revies for the Chief and it seemed to score well, although maybe too much bike for me as I'm mainly XC with a few trail centres chucked in, then looked at the Ground Control which looked like it would tick all the boxes, also a bit lighter.

Particularly interested in the sizing, the on line configurator jobby suggests a medium frame for me (5'10" but with Gibbon arms), really not keen on the shorter top tubes they seem to push these days, coming from a medium On One Parkwood which feels quite cramped to me.

Any input welcomed.
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  • I really like the look of the granite chief..

    I've specked one up (love the fact you can basically customise practically everything). For under £1500 you can get:

    150mm RC solo air RS Pikes
    Monarch RT3
    A mix of SLX and XT drivetrain and e13 chain guide
    XT brakes with 203/180mm rotas
    DT swiss M1900s with nobby nic evos
    Really nice finishing kit..
    Raceface 740mm bar and stem
    Eastern zero seat post and SDG CCT Mtn saddle
    And even Ergon grips

    What's the catch!?
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    The Ground Control looks excellent for the money. Have you tried contacting the UK agent? They might be able to help and I believe they have demo bikes.
    I have ridden a Granite Chief and that was a great ride as a quite burly trail bike.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, from the few reviews available they seem like a big name in Germany so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see more of the brand much as Canyon have established themselves as a major player over here.
    The bikes seem very well specced and look the biz. I've emailed Fin who's the UK rep and he's been very helpful, so much so I've been and gone and ordered a Ground Control which us due in 4 weeks (I'm impulsive like that!).
    I've gone for the "3" model and up-specced the wheels to the Haven's.
    Unbeatable spec and with Reverb, hard to see any drawbacks.
    The Granite looks like a great bike, just too mountainy for me.
    Also the custom configuring is just brilliant, why don't all manufacturers do this?
    Pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand.