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Best social/Map site for Road

BigphillybBigphillyb Posts: 21
edited February 2015 in Road general
Hi Guys,
what's the best Social site with Mapping for road cycling ?



  • I'm not entirely sure what you mean by social/map site to be honest. If you want to record your rides and follow friends/pro's to see their stats etc then
    If you are looking for a site to find new routes that other people in your area cycle then I'd recommend
  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    Note sure there is a Best one as everyone has different requirements and often like different things.

    I use the two the other replyer stated. I'm also prefer to use Garmin Connect over them as you get Segments to work within your course.

    Bike route toaster is also another popular site. I used to like this one but stopped using it in favour of ridewithgps.
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