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First time posting here, but wanted to ask if there is anyone doing any other excersize except cycling specific workouts to improve their endurance and strength. I recently got back from some time off due to injury and work stuff, got into crossfit gym and looks like strength and endurance is top priority.

Don't have time for cycling due to work but visiting the gym 3 times a week is a lot easier.
cycling is my sunday workout/hobby and strictly mountainbiking.

What's your experiences?
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  • I´ve just started to do crossfit training. It´s amazing and it has really built up my strenght a lot.
  • Ferrals
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    I go to the gym when I don't ave time to ride but just sit on the excersize bike and do intervals, most beneficial thing I've done to improve my riding. Core strength and exersizing supporting muscles gets done at home with squats, lunges, clams, leg raises and planks etc.
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    I train in a normal gym with weights. Don't bother with the cycle/running machines - i have a real bike and real ground for that. Leg exersices such as squats and lunges, and machine work has made my legs much stronger, but I dont think I've improved my endurance at all.

    What is cross fit exactly?
  • Herdwick
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    Thanks for the replies guys, ferrals what you do at home is what I do at the gym, basicaly strength build, but the crossfit thing looks it's working on endurance as well because of the intensity of the workout.
    Pesky, my coach t-shirt today read : push until you faint, puke or finish

    This is one of the many workouts, just to clarify, my level isn't like that, and never going to but getting better...
    “I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am dead.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut
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    I do a lot of spinning, and also do high rep /low weight and high weight low rep training. The later doesn't help cycling at all. However, the high rep stuff does. It helps improve your core and shoulder strength which makes longer distance MTB stuff easier.
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    hi, I play football almost everyday (five a side). Football doesnt help cycling but is good for stamina, endurance, joints etc. Also have tried cross-fit and its great if you can find a suitable club/trainer but again it doesn't help cycling other than base fitness. The trouble with cross-fit is that people think it is a goal in itself rather than a method to do more of something else.

    In the gym, I regularly use rowing machine (concept 2) which is excellent for fitness and strength with low injury potential. Finally I use treadmill and jog outside but I found jogging hurt my knees and back eventually, although treadmill not too bad. In terms of classes for cyclists obviously spinning isnt bad but resistance and effort totally uncontrolled.
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    Checkout Sandbag Training, it's the future...
  • Got a concept II rowing machine that I'll hop on when I don't have time to ride or the weather is ridiculously bad. (I'll ride in rain, but thunderstorms or rain and high winds is pushing my determination) :D

    But greater majority of my exercise is on the bike in the real world.