Corrosion around my nipples :/

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I was cleaning my bike today and noticed that on pretty much every spoke nipple there's powdery corrosion stuff. It rubs off so probably came from inside the wheel rims. Front and rear but worse on rear.

The wheels are last year's version of these:

How worried should I be out of 10?
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    Brush away and ignore.
  • If the bike's not ancient, probably about a 2. Rims are aluminium and the nipples are coated brass. When they get wet, galvanic corrosion between them will corrode the aluminium slightly. That is what you are seeing, aluminium oxide powder.

    Next time you see a Defender or old land rover, have a look at the edges of some of the panels. These vehicles are made of an aluminium skin riveted to a steel frame. The aluminium corrodes like mad.
  • It's normal... aluminium oxide hydrate... useful as a medication for heartburn... :wink:
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