Freehub splines compatibilty

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I've bought the eldest a 2008-09 Boardman Pro road bike. It's got a ten speed cassette on it and I've tried to put the ten speed Ultegra 14-25 race cassette on it. However the splines on the Ritchey free hub are too deep for the Ultegra cassette (they have a step part way down). It's all Shimano.
Can any one shed any light?


  • keezx
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    The only explanation I can think of is tat the freehub is a dedicated Shimano Dura Ace 10 speed freehub which has deeper splines.
    A regular cassette may destroy the freehub.
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    Have a read at this article. Towards the bottom of the page it describes and shows pics of the "10-speed only" freehub. This was introduced a few years ago but was subsequently dropped. It had a different spline profile from the standard 9/10 speed now in use. ... _3257.html

    You might be able to source a 9/10 speed freehub body for the wheelset but that could be relatively expensive or impossible to source. Might be a new wheelset or rear wheel needed.
  • Yes that's the hub that is on it. I need a 9/10 speed freehub for Ritchey wheels then. Any Ideas?
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    You need to first identify which freehub design you have - there are several.

    Have a look at this web page ... odies.html

    Towards the bottom on the RHS there is a clickable link to a PDF file entitled Hub ID PDF.

    Download that and check out the pics against the freehub on your wheels. Hopefully you can then search for the correct 9/10 speed replacement. Winstanley Bikes seems to carry Ritchey spares-give them a call.
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    Are you the guy I've seen somewhere else saying that you'd found the issue was that the Ultegra Juniors 14-25 cassette has shorter spline grooves like a 8-9sp cassette, rather than the usual deeper 10sp grooves ?

    If not, someone else is having the same issue !