It's new chain time.

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My chain is needing replacing. It's for an Ultegra 6800 groupset. Surprisingly the Shimano chain actually needs replacing due to wear rather than snapping. This is my first time buying an 11 speed chain, in the past I've always got the 9-speed version of this:

Is there anything better for the money?

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  • Don't know if it's better but it's what I bought to replace mine
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    Read somewhere that shimano don't do quick links like kmc do, on 10/11 speed as they are a weak link & may cause chain to snap dunno if its true?
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    Don't know if it's better but it's what I bought to replace mine

    Good price that !
  • I'm still on 10. Never had a link snap, but have broken several chains. Incorrectly installed shimano pin would certainly be a weak spot. I generally use KMC chains, but last time I saw an Ultegra one at a stupidly cheap price, so bought that. Still connected it with a quick link though.
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    I tend to go KMC and carry a quick link in my saddle bag.

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    a German mag did a proper test and rated the Shimano chains though
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    maddog 2 wrote:

    a German mag did a proper test and rated the Shimano chains though

    probably the Dura Ace ones... have had plenty of lesser Shimano chains that just fit for purpose.

    Just fitted a DA chain .. always join via a KMC quicklink.. there is no reason not to.

    If you using 11 speed, then I would also recommend the Park Tool chain checker.
    It is the business... and 11 speed will even more pronounced use by date than 10 speed... help if things go to 12 speed, chains might just last a weekend.
  • I decided to go with the one I linked. As it's a KMC chain it comes with a quick link which is far better than shimano's pin thing. I have a chain checker which tells you when it's 0.75% and 1% worn. I always replace chains when they're between. It's always forked fine for my 9-speed chains on my old road bike and my mtbs but never replaced the chain on an 11 speed before.

    Would the Park one be any more beneficial?
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    I just got a KMC after having about four SRAM chains. If you look on the KMC website the chains have little logo's next to them with all the features. I just got the top one I could find in 8-speed which was the only one that said it had some "Anti-Rust" technology in it. Funny because it looks so normal next to the slightly cheaper "X8 99" that everyone raves about.

    Using that Park Tool chain cleaner is what has ruined my last chain.

    KMC say on their website never use those chain cleaners with a solvent. Maybe they mean degreaser? Maybe they mean just don't use them full stop? The bristles ram right into the chain at all angles and make it go all sloppy. My gear changes are crap now because of it.

    It annoys me that Park Tools make those things for a quick buck. Yeah your chain comes out clean, oh it does... but then it performs like a chain thats done 8,000 miles on it, with miles more sideways flex than it should have. They even did tests checking a brand new chain after running it through one of those machines and they said the results were alarming regarding the chain stretching.

    I think its the equivalent of removing every single pin and plate and re-assembling it, ten times. Then you probably have a chain that is at about the level of one after running it through a chain cleaner.

    In future I will just wipe the chain with a cloth and "clean" it with... the same oil it gets lubricated with.

    I read somewhere as well that the SRAM quick link is better to get on and off than the KMC one, although I don't use those things personally.
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    I thought you used a SRAM Powerlink?
  • Aren't sram ones meant to be one use only and KMC ones you can use over and over? I've used Sram 9-speed ones loads of times as I always keep them when I bin the chains and removing the chain makes it easier to clean.
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