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Annoying navigation bar

bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
One of my pet hates - letterbox wide screens are bad enough as it is, but when you have a page that keeps on loading (and so the Chrome address bar doesn't disappear) and then an annoying and useless navigation bar that insists on reappearing even when you scroll down, then you're left with about an inch and a half of screen height available for content. And that's on a Note. Of course, if you have the osk up for text entry, you then have essentially no screen space at all.
So please, what's with the nav bar?


  • OuijaOuija Posts: 1,386
    I got rid of that with ABP element hider. Having it at the top of the screen is one thing but having it following you down the page is another. It had to go.
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Ah yes, hadn't thought of that! And you're even allowed to say ABP!
  • samgeorgeuksamgeorgeuk Posts: 58 Lead Developer
    What device are you using where this is an issue, it should hide on scroll down then show on scroll up.

    We are now constantly working in updates in the Forums to make it better - while you have added a block rule in ABP you may whish to reconcider that soon as we might be moving the login buttons into that menu!
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Note 4 / Android 4.4.4 / Chrome beta 41.something
    It does hide... sometimes, but still manages to get in the way & take up valuable screen space quite a lot.

    Just a personal preference really - I know I can always scroll to the top of the page really quickly if I want to get to the nav bar, so I don't want it getting in the way when I haven't asked for it. There seem to be a lot of sites that insist on these pixel hogging monstrosities now, but they really annoy me.
  • samgeorgeuksamgeorgeuk Posts: 58 Lead Developer
    Thanks - will get Chris to look at that that with that device.

    We are looking at options of that bar as its currently not that perfect.
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