Boardman CXR 9.8 (road mode)

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This is my wet weather steed. ... nwpczi.jpg

Sorry about the link but I don't know how to upload pics onto Bikeradar.

Boardman CXR 9.8 Frame & Forks (large)

Wheelsmith Wheels (Race 24 rims, Sapin CX spokes on Hope Pro2 Evo rims)

FSA SLK Chainset (50-34)

Speedplay Zero stainless pedals

Shimano 5800 11 speed shifters, rear mech (long cage), chain, cassette (32-11)

Shimano Ultegra CX70 front mech (down pull)

TRP Spyre mechanical disc callipers with Avid Ashima Airotor 160mm front/rear

Arundel Mandible carbon cages

Prologo Nago 134mm TI saddle

3T ARX Pro stem

3T Ergonova Stealth carbon bars

Lizard Skin DSP bar tape

Giant PSL-2 25mm tyres

Sram Garmin out front mount

Total weight as shown is 8.37kg


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    Just need to put the
    [img] [/img]
    tags around the filename otherwise all good.

    Looks nice, although saddle angle seems a bit off
  • coriordan wrote:

    Looks nice, although saddle angle seems a bit off

    I saw the pic and wondered how long it would take for someone to comment. My saddle is c0ck-on yet it still got a comment about it.

    Nice looking bike. I had a CX Team many moons ago which confirmed to me that disc brakes were the future on road bikes - hence the Volagi Liscio.

    The only question I'd have is why a 160mm rotor on the back. Even with 140mm rear, it's very easy to lock.
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    Maybe you have a droopy cock? Mine is flat and got no comments
  • Hi Guys.

    The frame is built for double 160mm rotors, so why add bits on to make a smaller rotor fit? Ive never locked up my back wheel as most of my braking is done on the front anyhow.

    The saddle angle is downward pointing through trail and error having ridden 22,500 miles in the last two years. I ride on the hoods when climbing (and most of my rides involve ascending and descending the mountains of South Wales.
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    I see you are running the CX70 with 11 spd shifters, any issues?
    Did you run an inline cable adjuster for the front mech?

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    No inline adjuster, Just fit and go. I am upgrading to Ultegra DI2 in the near future though.
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