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Broken spoke -replacing etc

forestnot1forestnot1 Posts: 244
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Ridden my mavic open pro 32 spoke since November no problems at all, dropped the bike back to the shop for its free service, on the way home spoke goes at the hub!

Is this just bad luck?

What the best way to fix it, just get them to replace the spoke or should I getting them to re-spoke the whole wheel?

The wheels were bought to be used on the roubaix challenge so I don't really want any problems!


  • If a near new set already breaks a spoke, that's not good news.. essentially it means the wheels were built with too low spoke tension and the spokes fatigue and break rapidly. Chances are it will happen again.

    When it comes to spokes, I don't believe in bad luck or "the odd faulty spokes". I have never come across faulty spokes and generally those who use this expression hide their incompetence behind a finger.

    Get them checked by a better shop/builder with a reputation for building top notch wheels and follow their advice
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