WTF Wednesday...

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Morning Losers!

WTF has happened to the forum? What's this sh1tty banner that follows me down the page!? Put it back!

Today involves work, and then heading over the right side of the hills tonight for some more work. Fun fun fun.

What's everyone giving up for Lent then?

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  • The Rookie
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    Morning Crudites.

    New rolling banner is a real FPITA on an ipad as it sits over the window you are trying to type into - yes lose it!

    Going home tonight, so I'm demob happy, journey is a bit long though! (20 hours).
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    Lovely day in our Stoke branch is good because it's a late start but no swim as that's in the opposite direction :(

    Currently in the budgeting process so too much work on and a grumpy wife as a result
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    Morning Ladies!

    Slowly I am getting back on track after few miserable days of flu !!

    Gym this morning, football last night maybe KMD tonight.

    Busy day at work - most of the week on site testing.

    Off to London in the mo.

    Have a nice day.
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    Morning all,
    Lovely sunny ride in through the park, tad nippy though. Should be a fairly dull day at work, but at least we have a full compliment of staff so I should only have my own sh!t to deal with. It's the EPO's birthday tomorrow and after being messed around and being let down on delivery of her present I managed to get an alternative which keeps me out of the dog house. Even better news is tomorrow is my Friday as we are going out on Friday. Pub tonight as it's Wednesday, more win.
    Until then I will have to make do with tea and posh chocolate chip cookies.
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    Not enough sleep, followed by a flat refusal to get up when my alarm went off means a late start at work. This I should start with a cup of tea and see where the day takes me.
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  • schmako
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    Midweek day off FTW! Room cleaned, time to get the bikes cleaned too. Feel so much more positive now that i'm settled in my new job too. Time for bacon before getting stuck into the bikes I think!
  • Dysentery is abating somewhat. Feeling much better. Last day at work until next Tuesday, off to Andorra tomorrow. Had some new bike lights (cheap and cheerful 4 LED jobs from eBay) but haven't had a chance to test them yet. They won't be fantastic, I'm sure, but they'll allow me to take the bike out on a winter evening/get home if I stay out too late in the afternoon.
  • oodboo
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    I got a cheapy ebay light, 4 cree leds and rated at 5200 (Chinese) lumens. It's not bad actually. I'd say it's slightly brighter than my lupine tesla 4 which is 700 lumens. The beam pattern on the lupine is a lot better with a better spot and flood but the cheap light is still ok. It's slightly lighter than the lupine so I use it mounted to my helmet with the lupine on the bars, night becomes day.
    I love horses, best of all the animals. I love horses, they're my friends.

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    Evening tards,

    Pretty good day, had to teach a lesson as part of a course I'm on for work, got recommended for an instructor role. Big thanks to Ben at Bird cycles for the loan of a few bits and bobs to allow the lesson to go so well, awesome bloke. Plus it meant I got to go look at some impressive Birds dropping everything back off again.
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    What's everyone giving up for Lent then?
    I usually aim to give up sobriety and not walking for Lent.

    Evening Mongs, more minion interviews today and the last one didn't farkin stop talking so I'm back extra late and knackered as I was pedalling extra hard to make up the time. I need a time machine to transport me to the weekend.
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