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The splines on the freehub seem quite 'chewed-up' and the bearings sound and feel very rough after what is a relatively small number of miles. I think I have seen posts in the past suggesting a more durable, alternative replacement but unfortunately I can't find the respective posts. I was therefore wondering if anybody can advise on a longer lasting and hopefully better freehub option?


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    Miche free hubs only fit miche hubs. The splines do not always chew up they normally survive miche separate steel sprockets quite well. I think there has been the odd batch that was heat treated well enough and we're softer but it is not the norm. I have found the odd freehub where the outer bearing falls out these get rejected and sent back to chickens cycles. They have had a few like that. What the problem is some freehub bodies have been machined incorrectly so the bore for the bearing is too big and the bearing does not sit properly. So buy another body but ask the retailer to make sure they the outer bearing is secure. It seemed to affect some of the bodies delivered in 2014. My latest stock from miche seem unaffected.
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  • Many thanks for your reply and information. I think I'll take it down to my favoured LBS and see what he thinks. If I do have to have another Miche freehub I will ask him to check the relevant bearings, one to make sure they are present and two that they are firmly in place. Cheers.