fulcrum 5 wear indicator

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I have a pair of fulcrum 5's, around 3 years old, maybe 4 and they have had a fair amount of use. I was checking the other day for the wear indicator on the rim and its not visible. Clearly this could well mean the the rim is knackered and as a precaution I am not riding the wheels. I also have a pair of fulcrum 7's more mileage but newer - 2 years and the wear indicator is easily visible and ok.

So 2 questions
Does anyone know if fulcrum only started adding the wear indicator recently?

I'm not seeing any signs of concave wear on the 5's rims and, but don't have any calipers that I can fit inside the rim wall, the lip prevents getting an accurate measurement. any other suggestions for checking if these are knackered apart from a visit to a shop.


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    I seem to recall reading on the CTC forum somewhere that using something like a spoke to fit inside the lip and then measuring will give you some idea of the rim width (as in, add the spoke width to the measurement taken).

    The general guidance is be careful at less than 1mm and don't ride at 0.7. I just had to bin some winter use RS30s that were at 0.8. I Figure there are some things I don't want to take a chance with...and wheels are one of them!

    Might be worth googling "ctc rim width measuring spoke"
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    Many thanks, I'll take a look. Yes, not worth messing with, that's why I took them off, last thing you want is a front wheel failure at any speed. I won't be annoyed if they are cooked, they have done pretty well and I can splurge out on something else :)
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    Dental calipers are handy for measuring rim thickness without faffing with spokes.

    eg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DENTAL-ORTHOD ... 0562571634