Which Grease?

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Hi All

I am shortly to embark on building a TT bike from the ground up. After a couple of years' riding I have become relatively confident at completing almost all maintenance tasks myself (hey, there'll be a youtube video telling me how to do it if I can't work it out).

However, I cannot for the life of me work out which grease(s) I should buy for the project (I will also take the opportunity to strip my road bike and properly service it ready for spring/summer).

Is there one grease that will work for all bearings etc? Or do I need a different grease for headset bearing as opposed to bottom bracket? And then do I need a different one for the seatpost?

If someone could point out a particular product(s) that would be great!

Thanks as always


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    There have been a few threads on grease but the general consensus seems to be that everyone has a different favourite and that most of them do the job. FWIW, I just use some standard Finishline stuff and use it in wheel bearings/headsets, etc. and find it works ok. Finishline do a neat applicator that fits on a tube and allows a more precision application, which helps for the fiddly areas.

    I don't buy into any "wonder product" claims so I would advise you just buy what you kind of like the look of at a price that seems reasonable.

    Carbon clamping should be done with some carbon assembly paste which helps to get a good grip at a lower torque and without seizing up.

    3in1 multi-oil is really good for the areas that need lubing (like jockey wheels or cable runs under the BB). I find grease a bit too thick for that kind of application.
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    Buy a tub of Castrol ML of other Multipurpose grease. The Shimano green workshop grease is good, though the green dye can leave a stain if you don't clean any excess off.


    http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine ... -500g#tab1

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/shim ... -prod24446
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    I just use some cheap Marine Grease from the car supply store. The marine part means it holds up to moisture better than most. Works on all your bearings and use it on screw threads and seat posts to prevent seizing except for a CF seat post or frame. Special CF paste works better and some manufacturers recommend against certain greases to prevent damage to CF. Is it the "best" grease? I don't know but not likely you would notice much difference between the best and most any other grease out there. Bikes are not very demanding compared to the other applications most greases are designed for. Then again, even the most expensive types don't add up to much of the cost of maintaining your bike so if it makes you feel better buy the expensive stuff and don't stress over it too much.
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    Copper slip for bits that don't move.
    Normal moly for those that do.
    Carbon paste for carbon surfaces.

    No need for marine/aviation/space rocket stuff.
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