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Doval oval chainset

nanas1nanas1 Posts: 50
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I've just purchased a Soezialized Venge fitted with a Doval oval chainset, but don't know what the high and low inertia mean?
Wondered if anyone out there could shed some light on it for me.
The bike is set up in hole 4 high Inertia, the bike is like lightning of the flat, but struggles on hills.

Any responses welcomed


  • I have mine set to the centre of the range and feel it's a good alrounder set like that. Just try moving it and see what feels right
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  • nanas1nanas1 Posts: 50
    Cool, thanks for that, mine is on setting 4 (high Inertia) and its murder on the hills, will give it a try when I get home
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Don't they have a website that explains it
  • nanas1nanas1 Posts: 50
    Not that I can locate anyway
  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    Go on to Rotor's website and look at their Q-Rings, it should explain the different positions somewhere on it. The Dovals operate on the same basis.
    If memory servers, you start on the lowest and work your way up until if feels right, some set ups can hurt certain people's knees etc.
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  • xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
    I have a set of Doval Oval chainrings on my Genesis, i have mine set in the centre too. I would say its almost certainly the best place to have it unless you live in a particularly hilly area or you a doing TT's. Hope you get on as well with yours as i have with mine, absolutely love them!
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  • nanas1nanas1 Posts: 50
    I have changed out the Doval Chainrings for Rotor Q Rings, And loving the new set up on my Venge
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