Park Big Blue Edition 3

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Is this worth getting for the £18 or so ?
This latest appears to cover electronic, so any reviews... cheers
I like to understand bike tech as well as dabble.


  • Park tutorials are well made, so I expect the book to be on pair... I'd buy it
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  • ravey1981
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    I've got it and would recommend it. I consider myself to me a pretty good home mechanic having built and serviced many bikes over the years only limited by not having some of the more specialist tools (bb facer etc) but it always helps to have a reference book for some of the more obscure jobs (it has all the basics such as gear indexing etc also). It covers most jobs on modern bikes well.
  • munkster
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    I have the Park book, Zinn book AND the Haynes book (admittedly not all the latest versions, bar the Zinn one which is the most recent). My take is that, while excellent, most of the Park stuff seems to be (sort of) available on their website so the Zinn one is a good complement to that and does cover Di2/electronic as well (not that that is any use to me). The Haynes one is very old fashioned but may have been brought up to speed recently.
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    Yes I have it and the Zinn book. I think it is a good reference book and saves you always having to fire up the computer to view a YT video, but then I like books so don't mind the cost. Bought mine when on discounted offer.
  • Just bought one. will give it to the other half to wrap up for my birthday. at least this way i will get something i want :-)
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    odd this.. had in my Amazon basket but left it there... went to pick up another parcel at the local shop... and there it was... it was a heavy book name on . he wouldnt let me have it as i didnt have the barcode will have to go back
    I shall have to wait now until that clears up.
    The basket was empty.