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1_reaper1_reaper Posts: 322
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Hi. I'm looking at getting a video camera for my bike rides as nearly been taken out a fair few times and taken out twice. My choice are between the garmin virb and the hero 4. The specs are close its just battery life and use ability i'd like to know about (camera would be mounted to bike) of those forum users that use any of the devices above. My rides are generally between two to six hours in length. I'm aware a external battery pack may be needed for the longer rides if applicable to the devices? Thanks in advance


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    You can buy additional batteries for the Virb for around £25 but the time displayed on the screen is based on card size and current recording setting. I run my Virb in 1280x720 @60 fps which will give me approx 7 hours recording on a 64Gb card. Can't comment on battery life as I've never ran it continuously but the battery doesn't last the 9 hours I'm at work when I forget to turn the camera off.
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  • Got a virb, it's really good. Never record more than 20 mins on a 5 hour ride anyway so never run out of battery. The link up with gps, hr, speed, cadence etc is really nice for the editing stage.
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  • Mas0nMas0n Posts: 23
    I've got a Hero4 and a Virb Elite and would 100% recommend the Virb over the Gopro - especially for cycling. The overlays is especially useful. And the Virb is cheaper!
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