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M Part Torque Wrench

scopes15scopes15 Posts: 84
edited February 2015 in Road beginners
Does anyone have one of these?
I have purchased one to use on my new carbon bike however it seems difficult to tell when I've reached the desired torque.


  • I can't help with the advice, other than to say I received one yesterday and found the same issue when checking my seatpost. It feels like I'm over-torqueing but without a checkpoint, I don't know.
  • I've got a BBB torque wrench and mine was different to a friends that I borrowed whilst his definately made a click at the correct torque mine just looses it strength (very hard to explain) - I would suggest trying it on something cheap first to get a feel before going near the carbon
  • Going to have another bash at it tonight on the old bike before I try the carbon again. I think I've probably already over tightened a few things
  • CygnusCygnus Posts: 1,879
    I've got an Xpert torque wrench and mine clicks when it reaches its torque.
  • yeh i've got one and does exactly what you would expect it to, exactly the same as the superstar one (which is more expensive), good for the money
  • I have the m-part one after using the planet x jobsworth one which was terrible and didn't indicate when the desired torque was reached. I was under the impression the m-part one 'clicked' but it doesn't. When mine reaches the correct torque the head bends away from the handle if you get me?! Just don't forget to take the torque level back down to zero!
  • Still haven't got round to testing it again - will try it tomorrow thanks
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