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'Do You See Me Now?' - Awareness of cyclists campaign

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Hi, I'm a graphics design student in the Kent region and I've just reached my final project of the year. I'm planning on doing a big campaign on making drivers more aware of cyclists on the road.

The campaign is to be titled 'Do You See Me Now?'.

I'm looking for cyclists input to help with my research on this project, with things like:
First hand stories: anyone who has experienced first hand, the consequences which arise when a driver hasn't been aware of them.
First hand stories: when maybe you have had an accident when driving involving a cyclist, and why it happened.
Issues you have with drivers, when you, yourself are out riding.
How visible do you make yourself, when you are on the road (hi-vis, bright sportswear, lights etc)
How you think we could make drivers more aware of us as cyclists, when we are on the road.
    And anything else you feel could contribute to a campaign, to make drivers more aware of cyclists and the situations in which can be caused by drivers not being aware of cyclists.

I plan to use this research to make a big campaign, possibly including booklets, posters, flyers, videos and photography.

This is a great opportunity to really air your views, on how drivers view cyclists.
If this all goes well, this could also very easily be picked up by the press and government campaigners.

All input will really be appreciated. Thank you.

*Comments you post, may be used in publications, purely for educational purposes, but they will also be used anonymously.*

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