Tiagra Brakes - Ferrule or no Ferrule

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Running my brake cables last night for my new Tiagra brakes and the cables (inner and outer) I got with the Tiagra shifters don't appear to come with ferrule's. I tried putting some on that I had lying around but they won't fit in the housing on the brake when put on the cable.

It crosses my mind I may have received a little bag of them with donut rings but I can't find it... will have a proper look tonight as it crossed my mind on the way into work I may have received such a bag :oops:

So my question is do I need ferrule's and if so does anyone know the part numberfrom Shimano so I can order the appropriate sized ones, I've tried looking on Shimano PDF's but just can't see them or a part number?



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    They do come with metal ferrules, you've lost them. :lol:

    Its in like a clear blister pack thing that also has the bottom bracket guide with it you don't need.

    Or it was some sort of OEM deal with a few of the fiddly bits missing?


    (Ferrules taken out)
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    Ahhh, so I was right... let's say I've threw them away, do I need them and a part number?

    I'll have a hunt around the garage tonight, hopefully I'll find them!
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    You need them but you only need two and they should sell them plenty of places.

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/clar ... lsrc=aw.ds

    I don't think these would need a part number, but maybe the Shimano ones are better for not rusting than cheaper ones, brake housing is all the same width across the board AFAIK.

    You might even be able to squeeze gear ferrules on but don't.
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    Darn it!

    OK, thanks for your help!
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    You don't need ferrules on brake outers and it is fine to fit them without. The outer is non-compressive anyway..
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    Imposter wrote:
    You don't need ferrules on brake outers and it is fine to fit them without. The outer is non-compressive anyway..

    That's a relief... I'll still have a look and if no good, I'll save a few quid!

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    If I remember rightly my Shimano brake outers do not have a ferrule on the end that goes into the caliper. Ferrules on the ends in the cable stops on the frame though.

    Love the helpful picture above showing the plastic bag without ferrules. Until then I was having difficulty picturing what a complete absence of ferrules would look like...
  • Where's ferrule?
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    Yeah, you generally don't need them where they enter the brakes. It's a pain in the arse when you forget and crimp them on both ends of a cable without thinking.
    You usually just need them where they hit cable stops, and they're not a shimano specific part, if you've got a friendly lbs they'll cost you not very much.
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    thanks everyone... pictures as well :)