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Lifting toes when pedalling

gcwebbyukgcwebbyuk Posts: 1,926
edited February 2015 in Road beginners
I have noticed that I am lifting my toes when applying pressure to the pedals. I can't remember doing this when riding in flat MTB pedals, only since switching to Cleated pedals.

I am fairly happy with my cleat position, but wonder if I need to adjust it to correct the toe raising, or if in fact raising your toes when applying pressure is normal? :o


  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 52,585 Lives Here
    Does it hurt or feel weird?

    If it's natural, go with it.
  • gcwebbyukgcwebbyuk Posts: 1,926
    I wouldn't say it hurts, but it's noticeable if that makes sense?

    If I raise my toes in the same way off the bike, I notice my calf muscles tighten - a it like when you get cramp in your feet.

    I did wonder if it was maybe calf tightness that was causing it, something maybe some extra foam rolling could sort.
  • There was a recent study about whether different pedalling techniques made any difference in power output and the conclusion was that they make no difference. You should use the pedalling style that is more natural to you, as it's the least likely to cause you damage in the long run
  • JayKostaJayKosta Posts: 635
    I suggest not doing any conscious 'toe raising' or 'ankle movement', but if it happens 'naturally' in the course of your regular pedaling technique, then fine.

    My reason for not recommending a technique that requires conscious thought and coordination is that it would detract from more important aspects of riding - such as pedaling smoothness and work balance of both legs.

    If someones feels a need to do some unusual ankle or foot motion, then I'd suggest they first verify their basic position on the bike - especially saddle height and setback, and crankarm length.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,084
    Would agree with Jay. It might be a symptom of a poor fit. Worth getting a check up bike fit, especially in the winter
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • gcwebbyukgcwebbyuk Posts: 1,926
    I think a bike fit is probably the way I am going to go.

    I have been micro adjusting my own setup over the past month - and find each tweak makes something else go out.

    I've had spine problems for around 8 years now, and only just got back into cycling last summer, and only really started training since December which is when I really started to notice "issues" with my setup.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,084
    Definitely do it then. Good luck
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
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