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Cheap bike to commute on

david795david795 Posts: 3
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I am currently working in the city and so of course bikes are very tasty looking things for thieves. So I wanted to get a bike that will get me from A to B(about 3 miles) which isn't a risk leaving about outside.

I'm looking about on eBay and Gumtree for a bike costing £150 max but I find it hard to know what's good and what's not. Obviously I'm not expecting much from it for that price but I just want it to be efficient and not break after 6 months.

Could someone reccomend reasonably cheap but good value bike makes that I could find second hand?



  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Unless you know what uk you're looking at its easy to get stung 2nd hand - buy a reputable brand by all means but if you then have to replace tyres chains etc it could get pricy.

    I suppose you're after what they call on LFGSS a beater (look them up - lots of classified as for your part of the world). The skill is to build something that looks shoddy but goes ok.

    Fixed / Single speed is a good option as there's less to get damaged and attract ne'erdo wells.
  • Local bike recycling project (like 'The Bike Station' in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Perth)?
  • curto80curto80 Posts: 314
    I am leaving the rat race for pastures new next month. If you can wait a few weeks I'd happily offer you my charge plug SS for whatever you think it's worth. I'll have no further use for it other than sitting around in my garage reminding me what an unbelievablt good bike for cycling round the City it is. I put some 28mm Gators and some mtb SPDs on it and never looked back.
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  • Hi Curto80
    Is it in my price range? Would it fit someone thats 6ft? And where abouts do you live?
  • curto80curto80 Posts: 314
    Not really sure what I'd want for it but I'm flexible about these things and can say for certain you'd get plenty of change out of £150 :D

    It's a size large frame. I'm 5'10" and its slightly too big to be honest but I run it with the saddle low which is fine cos I only do a few km on it at any one time. Suspect it would fit u better than it does me.

    I come in to Waterloo and use it from there to the City and back. If u wanted to view I could meet you anywhere in the City or at Waterloo.

    If you pm me your email id happily drop u a few photos if of interest.
    Rose Xlite Team 3100 Di2
    Kinesis Tripster ATR
    Orro Oxygen
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