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Winter clothing

AlbrynmairAlbrynmair Posts: 7
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I love road cycling, but don't tend to participate in the winter months, until my wife told me to some winter gear because I'm getting under her feet and am extremely bored at the moment.

Can anyone offer some advice on suitable jackets, gloves and tights please.

I have found the following and woud appreciate comments. ... sting=true ... sting=true ... sting=true

Or any other suggestions please.


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    If you have an Aldi near by - its well worth nipping in there to see if they have any cycling kit left. Their jackets and gloves are well worth getting.

    Tights - less so.

    Also Planet X have a complete winter bundle of cycling gear available. Worth a look. ... ter-bundle
  • If its winter riding in the UK, you really have to think waterproof. I tried showerproof/water resistant, and its no fun when you are soaked through. I can recommend the Madison Men's Road Race Apex jacket. It has kept me dry, breathes very well (and I run very hot) and has lots of venting options. It doesn't flap about and has a bit of stretch in it - very comfy and means I dont think twice about the rainclouds now. I looked at quite a few options, and was very tempted by a No Rain Fiandre jacket when they were 50% off, which seems a very nice bit of kit, but its not designed to keep you dry if the rain doesnt let up, so I passed on that. There is a BTwin rain jacket which also got good reviews which might also be worth a look. Have a look at a couple of reviews, see what you think

    You might also consider water resistant leg warmers. I invested in some Castelli nanotech ones (Sportful do a No Rain one) and they were a bit of a revelation too. Riding through a deluge I felt no discomfort at all - I think they kept me dry, but even if they didn't, they kept me warm.

    Good luck with it
  • Another school of thought is to worry about warmth more than waterproofing, as waterproof kit usually just means you become wet anyway - whether it's raining or not - as you sweat buckets.

    Layering /windproofing / water resistant kit is an alternative, but only if you can bear being damp (but warm).

    It's not as unpleasant as it sounds!
  • Hi, Many thanks for your replies.

    In response to Bondurant, I think this is why I am looking at the "Windproof" "Softshell" jackets, I don't mind getting wet..... but don't want to be cold. I just wondered if anybody had any recommendations for a suitable jacket to use while riding around mid wales through the winter.....
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 879
    Hi Albyrnmair,
    Not sure on your budget and I'm about to get shot down for this, but I personally think comfort is really important to keep me getting on my bike, so I tend to spend a fair amount on my winter kit. Here's my list of regular kit that I use (I ride most days).
    Feet - I use Seal Skinz socks, just standard thermal ones. I also have a pair of Northwave Fahrenheit Goretex Boots. About £105 at the moment.
    Gloves - Main Gloves are Bontrager RXL Softshell Glove (About £40 I think) - If its really cold I also wear a pair of Merino Liners. I honestly think these gloves have been my best buy this year. I've always struggled with cold hands, even using expensive skiing gloves, but the Bontragers really help.
    Bib Tights - If on a budget DHB Vaeon Roubaix get good reviews (£55 from Wiggle). I have a couple of different pairs and to be honest my cheaper Bontrager RXL Thermal Bib tights are absolutely fine. I have a more expensive (newer) pair of Bontrager RXL Softshell Bib tights, supposed to be water resistant, but I'm not convinced that is a necessity for the legs when your sweating and working hard.
    Jersey - If its cold and not windy I tend to wear a Rapha Winter Jersey with a Merino Baselayer. If it is windy I wear my Rapha Pro Jacket and Merino baselayer. I'm a huge fan of this jacket, its probably my go to bit of kit. If I was to be honest, the Winter Jersey isn't really necessary if you have the Pro Jacket.
    I also have a Bontrager RXL 360 Jacket, doesn't get used as much as the Pro Jacket - its still a very good piece of kit though. I tend not to use it if it is below about 3 degrees, but it would be fine - I just have other options.
    For wet rides I have a Rapha Rain Jacket - I have been very lucky and only had to wear this a handful of times. It does what the name suggests, but I still get wet from sweat, so not perfect - I don't think there is a perfect product though for when its hammering down.
    So generally I am pretty toasty on the bike, one thing I do get is ear ache in the wind. So I wear either a neck buff that comes up over my ears or if its really cold I full face balaclava. I prefer the neck buff as the balaclava isn't great for heavy breathing when I'm working hard, its a bit of a faff to keep pulling it down past my chin.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    You could do a lot worse than that Planet X winter bundle.

    My winter wardrobe is:
    DHB roubaix bibtights
    LS wicking synthetic baselayer (think they are from M&S :D )
    LS Merino mid layer
    Gore Phantom softshell (I have a Goretex Path jacket for when it's properly raining)
    Buffs and beanie hat
    Woolie Boolie socks
    Planet X neoprene overshoes
    Some Endura gloves I forget the name of. Recently found them wanting but the later Garmin download said the temp had been between minus 4 and 5c the entire ride.

    I think the socks and overshoes (and the mudguards) make the biggest difference to riding comfortably in the wet and cold
  • olake92olake92 Posts: 182
    Layers!!! Down to 0 degrees standing (colder when I'm moving) I'll wear bib tights, a long sleeve base layer, s/s base layer, (s/s jersey), l/s jersey, gilet, rain jacket. Some bulky sealskinz gloves, neoprene overshoes, skull cap and buff complete the ensemble.

    Only my rain jacket is really expensive. Contrary to other posters I find that is the most important layer if it's wet!

    Hell, my old coach would just use a plastic bag under his jersey as an extra wind stopper!
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  • I tend not to feel the cold so I can get away with dhb roubaix tights, buff, a merino base layer and a ss jersey on top. I have seal skin winter full waterproof gloves but they only make an appearance if its extremely wet or below 2-3deg. Commute to work on the bike most days 12 months of the year. Although I may be cold to start after 2 miles I warn up and anything more I just get too hot.
    Although I have just invested in my first LS jersey. Gore Xenon windstopper. Yet to try it out but it feels comfortable.
    So my advise is not everyone is the same, depends if you feel the cold or not, how hard you work on the bike, etc.
    Layers are definitely the key
  • I guess we all run differently (hot/cold)

    Tomorrow I'll be out at about 9-30am and I'm reliably informed (BBC Weather app) that I'm looking at 3-6' temps.

    So I'll go

    Sportful socks
    Endura overshoes
    Sportful bib shorts
    Polaris bib tights (no pad)
    Planet X merino wool base layer
    Sportful arm warmers
    Castelli Gabba convertible Jersey (with arms!)
    Castelli neck thingy (buff)
    Rapha cap (under the helmet)
    Spesh gloves
    Decathlon liner/inner gloves

    With a bit of shopping around I reckon I paid about £290 for the lot ;)

    I'll have a rain jacket tucked away just in case but rarely need it.
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