Fake pinarello frame secondhand for a grand!

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This guys selling a fake pinarello frame on ebay and wants a £1000 for it. I emailed him and said its clearly a fake yet you make no mention of it? He replied with well its never given me any issues.

Buyer beware!

http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.vi ... 1573301446


  • Why do you think it's "clearly a fake"? Pretty sure I know the bloke selling it and I'm fairly certain he's not the type to knowingly sell a fake product. Happy to be corrected though.
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    Just for starters the real Pinarello doesn't use a round sea post.
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    The seat-tube is round.. unlike a genuine Dogma 60.1 which has a non-round seat tube.


  • Be interesting to see if he offers it up for sale on our informal-ish clubs Facebook page :oops:
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    Don't seem keen to make it as clear in the advert.
  • And the front mech plate is riveted onto the frame to hold the front mech. The older copies dont.
    So nice to have people like this amongst us. Feel sorry for the person that buys that unbeknown.
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    That's terrible.
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    Is cardon fake carbon?
  • No i think that what its called when its super stiff ;-)
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    It certainly is a fake, there,s no doubt about that.According to Pinarellos website 33,399 website auctions were blocked upto December 2014 and 1052 counterfeit e-shops were attacked.
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    If you're sure it's a fake and you have an ebay account, there's a 'report item' link on the right of the page, about halfway down...
  • heres the reply I got:

    "It's not a genuine pinarello though was made by the same people in the same factory as the marked up pinarellos.


    So that's OK then.
  • I wonder how these people know? Im sure there are many fake transit vans made in the same factory as the real ford ones ;-) Honestly how would people know?

    Im sure the real items wouldn't be passed out of the factory to the competition who are ripping off the real deal (in all walks of life not just moody bike frames) people believe anything they read on the net
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    He doesn't know, and that doesn't happen. No way the factory that builds in behalf of Pinarello produces extra after 5. Some workers of that factory had an argument with their boss, left, and started to copy Dogma's. Just as a lot of others are producing copy Dogma's. It is illegal as they use the copyright and design of Pinarello. In most cases the quality will be ok, but you never know.
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    The Dogma is a monocoque frame which is produced from molds of different frame size held in the relevant factory. The fake Dogmas that are made with a round seat tube cannot be made from the same molds as the originals given the different seat tube shape (maybe it was an earlier protoype mold that wasn't ultimately used or produced some other way). Therefore the idea that these are effectively Dogma frames made out of hours in the same factory using the same molds cannot be the case. Unless I am missing something ?
  • As I understand it, the ebay policy on counterfeit is quite harsh. Returns are not an option - it is destruction of the counterfeit item. IIRC there was a case recently of a violin having to be destroyed,

    I wouldn't want to take the chance buying though.
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  • Listing's vanished