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mathematicsmathematics Posts: 453
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Hi all

I'm looking to get my first of spuds. I use Sls on my road bike and now want to try spuds on my mtb.

The shoe market looks like everything else and is a huge minefield.

I don't want to bust the bank so £70ish as I still need to buy pedals.

On my road shoes I have 2 Velcro straps and a ratchet, which gives a good snug tight feel on the bike. Do I need this on mtb? Can I get away with 2 or 3 Velcro straps or do these leave too much wiggle room for your foot making it harder to unclip?

Any advice or recommendations would be great.

Thank you.


  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    I'm in the same boat, used ride spds when I was younger, put flats on when I started again last year to relearn, thinking of going back to spds. From the reading I've been doing on the net it seems shimano or specialized are the most popular. Not sure what style of riding you were thinking of, but I was looking at the xc50n shoes from shimano which are £60 from over £100 on crc. No idea if they are good, but the price is right!
  • WindyGWindyG Posts: 1,099
    A £70 budget will easily buy you a pair of decent enough SPD shoes, I have both strap only shoes and strap & ratchet and the ratchet ones are so much better the strap only ones don't feel as secure.
  • Thanks guys

    I like the look of the xc50Ns.

    My road shoes are 42. Do I believe some peoples reviews and go for a size above? Only ask as some people mention normal size fits them well??
  • WindyGWindyG Posts: 1,099
    Hard to say I'm a size 8 and Shimano size 8 fit me perfect but for some they have needed a half size bigger or the wider version
  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    I use a pair of Shimano MT33's and like them.. they lace up unlike a lot of shoes, which I don't know if is an advantage or not, having never used strap-based ones..

    The only disadvantage to them is that they're not especially waterproof (I just man up :) ) and, as with all SPD shoes, the metal cleat in the bottom conducts all the heat out of your foot so you end up with slightly cold feet at this time of year... But that's the same for any SPD shoes...

    In terms of size, I'm a UK size 9-10 depending on brand and my MTB shoes are a size 45 and they fit perfect...

    Hope this helps..

    Boardman HT Team - Hardtail
    Rose Pro-SL 2000 - Roadie
  • JodyPJodyP Posts: 193
    It might not be the same for everyone but I also had to get a larger size shoe. Tried various brands and models and opted for Shimano M088 as they were really comfy. I usually have size 7-8 in trainers and shoes but for some reason size 9 was a perfect fit. I have never had a size 9 anything.

    You can pick them up for about £50
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    I was choosing between the XC50 and M088 and went with the M088 in the end. It has a softer rubber on the sole, which is good if you need to get off and push/carry, and the hole for the cleat is slightly further back, apparently, for better control in technical terrain. The XC50n is the 'nordic' edition which is more weatherproof than the standard XC50, if that makes a difference.

    Size-wise, I go 1 EU size bigger on all my Shimano shoes. I must say though that these M088s seem a little more realistically sized than Shimano used to be.
  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    Is the tread good enough on the M series if you have to run up a slippery slope? It looks like there is no option for toe studs which might be a nucience if its really muddy - but most of the time by me its normally slippery bedrock that get me pushing.

    I am looking at the M089 or M163 at the moment, look like the sole is actually stiffer than the equivalent priced xc shoe but with a bit of side to side flex in the heel which sounds good.
  • JodyPJodyP Posts: 193
    From memory the M088 doesn't have optional studs but the tread is fairly deep and aggressive. I can't see them struggling in the mud.

    The soles are soft rubber so should be grippy over bedrock.
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    Yep, no studs on the M-series. The sole is proper soft rubber though, as opposed to hard plastic on the XC-series.
  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    How do you find the stiffness? Stiffer than a 5:10 or similar flat shoe?
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    I use Shimano and Sombrio on flats and can't say I've noticed any difference at all. There's still a composite (plastic?) midsole in the M-series to keep them stiff.
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