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2000 cinelli unica

5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 402
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Having recently picked up some spinergy spox wheels I decided to build up my old cinelli unica frameset. I had a 105 group set I'd bought off this site and the rest of the components are what I had accumulated over time.I particularly like the seat stay bridge on this model and the spox are among my favourite wheels.First spin,a local 20miles and all seems very good. What do you think?


  • I like this a lot- I love blue bikes, and you just don't see 'load' paint schemes like that anymore.
    Not so sure about the completely blue tread on the tyres- I'd be worried about grip but otherwise matches really well!
  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 402
    Tyres will be changed for a decent black set soon along with some black qr's
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    That's very handsome. You have set it up quite nicely. Personally I don't like your saddle angle but if it works for you then great.

    Nothing wrong with coloured tyres, esp for frames of that era, it was the norm. Version 2 or 3 of the Axial Pros came in a colour called "digital blue" which would match perfectly with the frame accents - no need to go black.

    Does the saddle have a black side and a white side?
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  • maxlitemaxlite Posts: 293
    Always liked those Spox wheels, just right with that frame

    Bit more Cinelli blue, my Saetta in Picardy

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  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 402
    Thanks for the comments guys, the saddle does have a black and a white side, and I always prefer the nose of the saddle to point down a little.
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