Bike Stolen, New Bike Needed.

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I recently purchased the Specialized Allez 2013 used (but good as new). After a few rides (20 miles or so each time), it turned out it had been stolen. Obviously this was a shock and was definitely a disappointment but I am now left with the need to buy a new bike. I was lucky with the old bike (paying under £300 for it) despite it's 'good as new' condition, but I feel as if my new bikes going to be around £300 to £500.

Does anybody have any suggestion as to a good option for a road bike (52cm frame) in this price range? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  • As is the way with these things I'm going to suggest something a little over budget, a Mekk Poggio P1.5 (same as mine of course).

    I'm a rank beginner, I've only racked up about 250 miles with this being my first road bike. I'm impressed, really nice feel on the road and preferable to me during test riding compared to most around the price I tried (no doubt due to the carbon frame). The frame is exactly the same as you'll find on their bikes costing £2400, the component set is a little budget but mostly Shimano Sora with R500 wheels so perfectly decent stuff. The brakes and chainset are Mekk but perfectly good.

    Currently running at £520 on Wiggle. I brought mine from there at £600 (later price matched to £550), the closest my local bike shop would get from memory was £770 so it's real good value.
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    I'd look at Planet X bikes, Evans Pinnacle bikes, Merlin Cyles own brand of bikes & Sensa bikes, Boardman at Halfords or GT bikes at pro bike kit. However if you stetch your budget then this is a nice frame
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