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Two.Two vs 520 - Which and why?

PleaseRelaxPleaseRelax Posts: 11
edited January 2015 in MTB buying advice
I've had some great guidance from Cooldad, Rookie and Mr Lard (?) in getting me to this point.

Now I need some more precision guidance!

I know the Calibre has a good MBUK review, but i can't see any others on inderpendant sites... is the groupset better? Are rockshock forks better? Are both forks "rebound damped".... i think so???

I'm leaning stupidly toward the Decathlon 520...because i like black :roll: sorry!
Tell me I'm wrong - which would you buy and why?

GO! 8)

(Ps. thanks!)

Calibre Two.Two ... ke-p275612

Btwin Rockrider 520# ... #avantages


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