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Skewer lengths?

pinkteapotpinkteapot Posts: 367
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Following from my other thread, bike mechanic fitted new tyres yesterday. When I picked up the bike, he said the skewers that had been on my bike were too short so he'd replaced them (didn't charge). The skewers weren't the stock ones. The bike came with quick release and when I bought it I asked the LBS to change them. They swapped them to allen key skewers. Two years on... Mechanic said they weren't long enough so the nuts had only been going on a few turns and the thread was damaged because only the very end of it was being used, putting strain on.

Mechanic put on some old quick release skewers he had on his van. I'm welcome to keep them but I'm not wild about quick release as I commute (though allen key ones were only marginally better).

I'm considering forking out for secure ones: ... rear-post/
(includes a seat post one)

But how do I know if they'll fit? It doesn't say what length they are.

From what I can find, most skewers you can buy are 100mm front and 130mm rear. I'll measure the skewers that the mechanic thought were too short tonight, but I suspect they were this standard length.

Bike is a hybrid with disc brakes and the mechanic said that disc brake bikes need longer skewers, but I can't see skewers described as disc brake or not on Wiggle.


(Let me know if I should have asked this on the MTB workshop as it's a disc brake bike...)


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    edited January 2015
    Your hybrid with disks will take the longer, 135mm MTB skewer at the rear.

    (that's the over lock nut (OLN) dimension of the rear hub. Road is 130 mm, MTB is 135 mm. The skewers themselves will be considerably longer)
  • Thanks! :)

    Will be measuring the skewers the mechanic wasn't happy with tonight... He said there was a problem with both of them but from what I've seen fronts are all the same length so that's confusing.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    If I were you I wouldn't take the word of someone (no disrespect) who has never seen your bike. Drop the back wheel and measure between the dropouts yourself..
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    None taken. It's a Whyte Malvern? Looks like a standard MTB rear end to me, but yes, the safest option would be to do as suggested and actually measure the distance between the dropouts.

    Looking on SJS Cycles website there's a bewildering selection of skewers both QR and security. Some rears are extra long to cope with a 135 mm OLN plus thicker dropouts...

    If you'd been after a set of QR skewers I have some MTB ones going spare...

    (lent my MTB to our eldest son to use at uni, first the wheels went missing, so I fitted security skewers with the replacement wheels, only to have the scrotes come back and take the entire bike. So the only reminder of the bike is the QR skewers)
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