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Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Di2 internal battery removal

leelondon117leelondon117 Posts: 22
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I Have a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 7.0 Di2. The battery is located in the downtube just above the bottom bracket.

As I understand it I have to remove the cranks and bottom bracket to get at the battery.

Anyone have any experience of this? Is it easy to remove/replace?

I'm going to need to do it to fly with RyanAir who seem unable to give me a definitive answer as to whether I can fly with the battery in place,,,don't want to turn up at airport and get turned away for not removing it.




  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    Does it not have enough spare cable that you can get it out by shaking the bike upside down with the saddle removed?

    I would not consider not telling them. It will almost certainly get pulled under customs x-ray and whilst almost certain that it won't ignite, the outcome of a Li Ion battery fire would be catastrophic for the aircraft. Your best outcome could be custom's sawing your frame in half, checking for explosives or drugs.
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  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    Found this, not Ryan Air but the regulations should be fairly universal:
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    You dont need to remove the bottom bracket. The bearings can stay in the frame. If the battery isn't budging when you turn the bike upside down. Look inside the bottom bracket sleeve there should be a slot. Reach in with your fingers or use a thin bendy stick to dislodge it (a cable outer works well).
  • Hi Trailflow,

    Thanks for that. Do you have the same bike and done this yourself?
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    No not a Canyon, i have a similar bike a Hongfu FM066 BB30. i do have experience of internal Di2 installs. looking at web pictures i am assuming your bike has a pressfit bottom bracket (with cut outs inside the sleeve also). You dont say what year your bike is ? that would help. If its an older model you may have to unscrew the bearing cups if its non pressfit. a dedicaed tool is needed for this.

    Have you removed a Shimano crankset before ? If not, its fairly easy. All you need is a 5mm hex key, and something to unscrew the plastic preload cap on the side next to the bolts (a butter knife works well if you dont have the correct tool.) Once these are undone the crank arms will come off and slide out of the bb/frame.

    When you come to re-assemble, tighten the preload cap first. Then the 5mm hex bolts.

    Once you get access the the battery. You will need to unhook the wire from the connector. There is a TL-EW02 Di2 plug tool you should have received with your bike. It is also used to connect the wires as well. Its best to use this tool and not a set of pliers as you may damage the connectors.

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  • The bike is 2014 and yes it has a pressfit bottom bracket.

    I'm OK with removing the crankset, not so with removing the bottom bracket (if required - and Canyon suggest this is required).

    Thanks for the advice.

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