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Lance Blooming Armstrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debelidebeli Posts: 583
edited January 2015 in The cake stop
I would like to say how depressing and (yes) tedious I find it that this chap Armstrong has only to frown (or smile) at a camera - or indeed ignore one in a provocative manner - to soak up all available online column inches in little more than an instant.

My fears that the Internet might soon be full notwithstanding, surely we have more to talk about in this day and age than this tired, tedious, Texan troll.

Why is is (why indeed?) that no sooner is his name mentioned than the Internet is full of quite pointless whining about how pernicious his behaviour was or wasn't.

Why, also, does it so often appear that the dullards writing this whingeing nonsense seem to have little or no love for the sport of track-based bicycle racing?

I am frankly of the view (and I am not one to jump to conclusions) that there are people out there on the Internet - probably in Slough, but you never know - who just feel the need to rant on about any subject that tickles their goldfish-like attention span.

Enough of all this nonsense about Armstrong. Particularly if you waste valuable space on the Internet without ever really seeming to make a point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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