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Chain Reaction Cycles - 'Secondhand' Chain and no pin??

oscarbudgieoscarbudgie Posts: 850
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Just received a new 105 chain ordered from CRC. Came in after market packaging which is fine but the chain is obviously not 'new' as advertised (no shimano instruction sheet etc as is usual) but obviously off a strip down. I wouldn't mind so much but they didn't even include a new pin, just left the useless stub of the old one where the chain had been broken. Reasonable to be pi$$ed off?
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  • Can you get over it?

    CRC strip and sell OEM, everyone knows that but yes, a pin should have been included.
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,858 Lives Here
    Have you told them? I'm sure they'll send you a new pin. If the chain has done no miles it's still new. The first review on their site says it doesn't come with a pin. I'd still talk to them as a chain you can't join is not much good.
    In future go for a KMC with a split link.
  • yeah I told 'em but no response. Its not the end of the world but still I reckon they should be more transparent about what they're selling. Seeking advantage over competitors by advertising merchandise at a discount on RRP when in fact its undisclosed display/shop soiled somewhat dishonest I feel. But heck its only a chain.
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,858 Lives Here
    Agreed. I thought the pin may have been an oversight until I saw that first review. If you are buying a Shimano chain you expect a joining pin as Shimano say you must use one. Therefore it's incomplete according to Shimano specs.
    Have you got an Evans near you? Find the cheapest online price for a KMC and get them to price match then return the one you have to CRC. They should credit your carriage as the part is incomplete, or do CRC use Collect+. You could phone CRC as you may get a better response.
  • Buckie2k5Buckie2k5 Posts: 600
    I received a 105 chain from them last week pin included pressed into one side of chain link
  • Was it the full pin? If it was just the actual 'rivit' and not with the snap off part as well it shouldn't be re-used.
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  • CRC supply OEM chains which have a short rivet pin partially inserted ready for use. Never had a problem since I learnt how to use this rivet. You have to be careful that you get it in the right position first time when using your chain tool, as there is no room for error, when compared to the long pin type of rivet. If you try to adjust the chain pin it soon comes loose.
    It isn't just a removed pin, as these are always too loose to use, as part of the rivet shoulder breaks away during removal.
    Mind you it's always handy to have another way of joining the chain if you don't get the pin right first time.
    I find that you have to just take your time when pushing the pin through the last bit to avoid going too far through.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,052
    Couldn't you just buy a KMC chain connector? Bloody useful and makes removing and refitting the chain for maintenance a doddle.

  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    ^^ That. Simple as.
  • When you say you told them did you email or phone. I had a problem last week with a disc kit that had a missing Calliper , they sent a new kit and didn't even want me to send the old one back.
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