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Sensa Cycles

elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
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I did do a search, but couldn't find anything.

Does anyone have any experience of Sensa cycles as sold by Merlin cycles?

They seem incredible value for money, for example a 6.7 kg Dura Ace bike for less than £2400!

Too good to be actually any good?
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  • There are a couple of reviews of previous bikes on Bikeradar, both positive and 4 star. Look pretty good to me!
  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    I have a Sensa, now my winter bike. The Sensa bikes get good reviews, from what I have seen. I would take their weight claims with a pinch of salt. If you look at the site below you can see that the weight in reality comes in higher than that claimed
    But I do think they offer quite a lot of bike for the money.

    In terms of service from Merlin the bike was a fair few weeks late, they refunded the cost of the pedals as compensation (I should have asked for more). The spec wasn't as specified, for saddle and tyres, but they replaced them when I queried this.

    Overall I think the Sensa bikes are a good option to consider.
  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    I bought a Sensa Calabria from Merlin last year. Great bike full carbon ISP frame and shimano Ultegra with Supra RC 58 wheels for €1452 an absolute bargain. I live in the Netherlands where Sensa bikes are made and could never get this bike for anywhere near that price here. As others have said there are a few reviews to be found if you search the net but far and away the most common reviews are for the giulia.
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    The Sensa website has some reviews on it under 'tests': ... ce_2014_UK . I've seen them in the flesh at Merlin and they look good to me - quite understated. Their own brand wheels (supra I think) seem good value & pretty light too. Great specs for the money & Merlin are good to deal with in my experience.
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  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
    Thanks for the feedback peeps.

    Certainly worth consideration.
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