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Sram Quarq s975 not connecting to Garmin

joshoreganjoshoregan Posts: 105
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Hi guys

I have a sram quarq s975 power meter which is probably going on 4 years old at this point.

I replaced my garmin a while back so was without a computer for the bones of 6 weeks.

When i got my refurb my power meter had stopped working (alongside my hr belt) however its definitely not the computer unit as it pairs with other power meters and hr's too so it must of been that they both decided to die off while lying idle. (The hr does actually pick up on search from time to time, must be dodgey connection)

I have of course replaced battery in the quarq. Quarq told me to re connect the circuit by joining the positive and negatives by holding the battery against them but when that didnt work they told me theres nothing they can do since its out of warranty for the bones of two years now.

Just to be clear, the problem is when i search for it on my garmin, it just wont pick it up, just keeps searching

Any advice welcome, thanks
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